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secure private social!
CloudChat is a secure and private instant messaging application. You can send text, voice, pictures, videos, files and funny expressions to your friends at Cloud News.

Why Choose CloudChat?

CloudChat is designed for users, and CloudChat always puts users first. Without advertising, all your information is private and secure.


CloudChat messages are highly encrypted snd self-destructive.


CloudChat can prevent hacker attacks to you messages and chats.

No advertising

CloudChat is always free.No advertising.No subscription fee.


CloudChat has no limits on the size of files and sessions.


CloudChat synchronizes chat records on all your devices.


CloudChat stores your files in the cloud and will never disappear.

User-Centered Experience Design

Services need to see the world through the eyes of users. We involve users in the early stage of design and stimulate the co-creation of all participants.

Meet a new friend!

Chat with friends around the world with CloudChat.

What our customers say !

Reviews, comments and love from customers and community.

Anthony Martinez
I am regularly impressed with the thought and care put into both the security and the usability of this app. It's my first choice for an encrypted conversation.
Laura Moore
On CloudChat, I can chat freely with my friends and get to know friends all over the world. It's great.
Brenda Allen
CloudChat is a great social software. I never worry about leaking my information on it. There are many friends around me who use it.
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